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I'm a chick who edits posdcasts!

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Hi, I'm Julie Belew and I'm a chick who edits podcast.


I'm here to help make your podcast experience easier by providing you with post-production and editing services. You can focus on the content and building your audience while I take care of the tedious chore of editing and mixing. Why waste time editing audio when you could be doing something more productive?


I started working with audio when I was in elementary school and made mix tapes on cassette tapes. I went on to work in broadcast radio for over 25 years. I was a program director for several radio stations and oversaw production departments as well as other staff. But the hours I spent in production rooms all by myself, creating audio that would excite people and entertain listeners was the best time. You know, how time flies when you're having fun? That's how I feel with editing podcasts and other audio. Something just happens to the time. It disappears.


I've been listening to podcasts grow and explode over the last decade and decided to put my passion for audio production back to work when I started my own limited series podcast, Rape, the Podcast.  I currently produce and edit podcasts for other people who are finding empowerment by promoting their passions, stories, and businesses through podcasting.

Let me know if I can take the task of editing off your to-do list. If you're interested, I can send you before and after samples of my work If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation, just reach out by completing the form below. Whether you want assistance for an ongoing production or would like help getting your podcast out into the world, I want to empower you to get the life altering experience of having an impact on the world through podcasting.

Thanks for visiting Chickedits! 

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"Julie Belew is a great editor and an even better person. She is professional and so easy to work with. Love her work!"  
Dale Wiley, Missouri Music Podcast

If you are considering making your own podcast and need help, I HIGHLY recommend Julie Belew at Chickedits. Her skills at editing, coaching you to record, and to have a clear voice... the list goes on, are superb. She busts her butt to help me.
Frances Cadora, Look at Us Now

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