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Tired of Editing Your Podcast?

I am going to tell you why you should hire a podcast editor. Not necessarily why it should be me that you hire, although I strongly support that. But you should hire someone to edit your podcast because you are spending too much time trying to figure out what your doing. You don’t have time for this!

There are a million other things that you could be doing and this is not really helping your bottom line. You are probably surfing the internet looking for information that will help you get better, faster, and heck maybe you might even start to enjoy it. And that could happen. I love editing audio. I can lose a couple of hours editing a podcast, but I don’t even notice it.

To me, it feels like it’s been only 10 minutes of editing. I think, wow, I sure got that done fast. But I didn’t get it done faster, necessarily. I just enjoyed the hell out of doing it. The pretty colors of the sound waves and using my mouse to paint away imperfections. It’s art to me and to many other great sound engineers who just love working with audio.

But if this doesn’t describe you in any way, you could just hire someone to do it for you. The first thing to consider, of course, is how much you can afford. Think about this. It takes you 4-8 hours of looking at your podcast just to get out a 30-minute episode. Imagine what could be done with that time. How much more money could you be making by actually doing the job you’d rather be doing. Your passionate about your podcast, sure, but really, it’s the topic that you love. That topic might be your business, your charity work, your spirituality, or your family. Podcast topics are drowning in passions. People even love the art of making a podcast so much that they produce podcasts about it.

You want to find an editor that you can gel with. You’ll want to talk to her at least once a week for a few minutes in the beginning of your relationship so you might find someone who is cool to talk to. Many editors enjoy coaching their clients to get a better sounding podcast. If you sound good, then so do I. I, or she can help you with equipment and programs. Maybe you’ll find a nice editor, like me, who will help you with your hosting. I, or she could write your show notes and get episodes loaded and thumbnails all where they are supposed to be.

Oh, the time you are going to save! It’s worth investing in a podcast editor to get a better sounding podcast and you can be a more efficient human.

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